Over 90 pct of cattle vaccinated against lumpy skin disease

时间:2023-12-06 00:09:27 来源:sa 슬롯

More than 90 percent of cattle in South Korea have been vaccinated against lumpy skin disease, the agriculture ministry said Monday, as there have been signs that the spread of the viral disease is letting up.

The authorities have inoculated more than 3.11 million out of the country's 4.08 million cows so far to protect them against LSD, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.

South Korea reported its first-ever case of LSD on Oct. 20 and has since confirmed 78 cases nationwide.

In response, the government launched the intensive vaccination campaign under the plan to vaccinate all cattle by this coming Friday.

The spread of the viral disease has slowed down this month, and no fresh case has been reported since Saturday, though authorities are conducting an in-depth analysis of three suspected cases, officials said.

The disease, which does not affect humans, is a highly infectious disease that causes skin lesions, fever and loss of appetite, often leading to a fall in milk production and even death.

It affects cattle and buffalo via mosquitoes and other blood-feeding insects. (Yonhap)